Order Sunbasket Meal Deliveries

Complete the form below to order meal deliveries by Sunbasket.

This service uses 1 square on your passport.

To receive a Sunbasket delivery, you must first register for our Wellness Program and receive your Care Box and Wellness Passport in the mail. If you need to register for our Wellness program, please email us at wellnessprogram@uniteforher.org to see if you qualify.


For questions about our meal delivery program with Sunbasket, please email Aubrey at the link below.

New Menu Weekly

Each week’s order consists of 3 meals with ~2 servings each. Each week uses 1 square on your Passport. The menu is different each week and updated on Mondays. Individual substitutions are not an option, although we vary menu by diet type on a weekly basis.

Delivery Locations

Sunbasket does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, North Dakota, Montana, the Florida Keys, parts of New Mexico, and a small number of rural zip codes in Texas.

To confirm if Sunbasket delivers to your home, please visit Sunbasket’s service checker.

Ordering Details

Orders are delivered via a variety of shipping companies between Sunday-Wednesday of the order week.

Your order is being placed with UFH. You will receive an email confirmation from us when you place the order. If you do not, your order has not been processed.

Please click ‘submit’ only once to complete your order.

Your order is being placed with UFH. You will NOT receive an email confirmation when you place the order. We will send an email confirmation once the orders are submitted and confirmed by Sunbasket – Monday of the week before your order is to be delivered.