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Welcome to your Virtual Wellness Day

Through your Unite for HER at HOME Wellness Program, you will receive up to $2,000 worth of integrative therapies and services free, without any out of pocket costs to you. This will allow you to create a personal care plan that speaks to you personally, helping you mitigate unwanted side effects and symptoms.   These therapies and treatments, scientifically and research based, are proven to help support empower and restore you physically as well as emotionally, at a time when you are in much need. We look forward to having you as a part of our UFH community and will be by your side as you explore the many ways we can support you.

Meet Your Wellness Team

We are by your side. If at you have any questions at any point, please contact us at 610-883-1177 or email us.

  • Michele DiCristofaro MS, RD, LDN – Culinary Dietitian and Senior Nutrition Associate
  • Gail Kelly – Outreach Program & Analytics Manager
  • Erin Pellegrin RD, LDN – Culinary Dietitian and Senior Nutrition Manager
  • Nina Ritrovato – Wellness Day Program Manager
  • Sue Weldon – Founder & CEO

Using Your Passport

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Learn how to use your passport with a tutorial by Melissa, Wellness Day Program Manager.

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Unite for HER will cover the cost of therapy sessions of your choice, where 1 Passport Square = 1 Treatment. Other offerings under Nutrition and Gym Memberships may use more than 1 square. Providers will initial upon completion of your therapy appointment and bill Unite for HER directly. The back of your passport requires no square usage and cannot be transferred for Treatment, Nutrition, or Gym offerings. 

There is no cost to utilize your passport.



Connect with our Registered Dietitians and learn how to make approachable, healthy upgrades that both you and your family can feel good about. In addition, if you’re experiencing challenges as a result of medication or treatment, our RDs can offer tips and resources to help manage side effects.

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At Unite for HER, we help people take a closer look at the products they are using, and provide resources for switching to safer alternatives.

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Professional Counseling

Learn how a professional counselor can help you navigate emotional distress, sexual health changes, communicating with loved ones, and planning for the future.

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Studies have shown that Reiki induces relaxation, decreasing anxiety, stress and joint/muscle pain.

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Women with cancer undergo extreme physical, mental, and emotional stress that can weaken the immune system. After yoga, patients have more energy, improved physical functioning, and quality of life. 

Meditation exercises also help relieve anxiety, provide nausea relief, and alleviate insomnia.

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Regular activity throughout treatment has been shown to make treatments more effective, increase energy levels, and improve recovery. and increase energy levels. 

Stronger thru Cancer offers group training sessions for those in treatment and beyond, including resistance training, strength training, and yoga, and addresses issues like  ‘chemo brain’ and lymphedema.  

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Acupuncture has many benefits and has been very effective in easing breast cancer or ovarian cancer treatment symptoms. 

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Massage Therapy

Massage has been proven to improve circulation and help reduce fatigue for women with breast cancer and ovarian cancers. 

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